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Our mission is to improve the economic climate by supporting new and existing businesses.

In order to accomplish this BCEDC will respond to all requests for potential economic growth or expansion within Bayfield County. We will provide information and connect parties that may be interested in working together. BCEDC will gather as much information as reasonably necessary to assist those looking to locate or expand in Bayfield County. BCEDC will also strive to provide necessary information for those responsible for decision making related to the location or expansion of potential businesses in Bayfield County.

BCEDC may promote economic development polices and initiatives such as programs and events. When recruiting businesses to Bayfield County, the BCEDC will consider and promote the values and plans of Bayfield County. The BCEDC is committed to remaining neutral on specific projects or requests.

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Scottie Sandstrom grew up in the Mason/Grand View area and graduated from Drummond High School in 1971. Over 33 years of his career were spent with Larson Juhl. Scottie has decades of experience facilitating and advising businesses establishing and growing in the Bayfield County area.


Check out the quarterly news.

2017 Q2 News

Infrastructure Development Activities We had our Business Park Planning meetings this quarter. Meeting content included discussing the timeline for finishing of the road design at the park by August 1st, marketing the park by creating [...]

2017 Q1 News

Infrastructure Development Activities Our Bayfield County Business Park group met this quarter, reviewing our current and future goals on further infrastructure build out at the park.  Mark Abeles-Allison is leading on crafting an RFP [...]

2016 Q4 News

Infrastructure Development Activities Seth Hudson of Cedar Corporation and I met with the County Executive Committee to review the finalized Bayfield County Business Park documents, which the committee recommended for approval at the November [...]

2016 Q3 News

Infrastructure Development Activities Our Bayfield County Business Park committee continued our monthly meetings.  Cedar Corporation has been preparing an internal and a marketing document for us.  We plan to have the final documents at our [...]

Board Members

The board of directors meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 10:00am. The public is welcome to attend. Please call 715.209.4589 for the location.

  • Jane Bucy, Board President
    Sew Soft, Inc.
    (715) 774-3797
  • Taylor Pearson, Board Vice President
    Washburn Iron Works
    (715) 373-2261
  • Chad Young, Board Secretary
    (715) 798-3303
  • Kay Tuttle, Board Treasurer
    Bremer Bank
    (715) 373-6381
  • Scott Kluver, Past President
    City of Washburn
    (715) 373-6160
  • Tim Kane, Board Advisor
    UW Extension
    (715) 373-6104
  • Bambi Patterman, Board Member
    (715) 682-4591
  • Mark Abeles-Allison, Board Member
    County Administrator
    (715) 373-6181
  • Michael BeBeau, Board Member
    XCEL Energy
    (715) 682-8940
  • Melissa Rabska
    Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board
    (715) 682-9141

  • James Bolen, Board Member
    Executive Director Cable Chamber
    (715) 798-3833
  • Susan Keachie, Board Member
    Brickyard Creek
    (715) 779-0282
  • Beth Probst, Board Member
    Memorial Medical Center
    (715) 685-5182
  • Bill Bussey, Board Member
    County Supervisor
    (715) 779-5184
  • Brian Goodwin, Board Member
    County Supervisor
    (715) 209-5545
  • David Eades
    Bayfield Chamber & Visitor Bureau
    (715) 779-3335
  • Jeff Silbert, Board Member
    County Supervisor
    (715) 209-2248
  • Duane Raspotnik, Board Member
    Logger & Forester
    (715) 373-2709
  • Jane Snilsberg, Board Member
    Iron River Resident
    (715) 372-8252
  • Larry Roecker
    Bayfield Electric
    (715) 372-4287

  • Sheryl Isaksson, Board Member
    Herbster Resident
    (715) 774-3842
  • Mike Mikula, Board Member
    Ashland Ford-Chrysler

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