Infrastructure Development Activities

  • Our Bayfield County Business Park committee continued our monthly meetings.  Cedar Corporation has been preparing an internal and a marketing document for us.  We plan to have the final documents at our October 2016 meeting.
  • Seth Hudson of Cedar Corporation and me met with Tom Gordon, Chairman of the Town of Bayfield, at the Town of Bayfield Business Business Park.  Seth could potentially consult with the town to look at developing a marketing document for them, and to will plan to meet again later this year.
  • Mark Abeles-Allison, myself and Cody Bohl of our business park planning committee met with 3 representatives from the Wis. DOT at the business park site.  We discussed the potential of a widening of the intersection of Hwy 2 and State Farm Road at the entrance to the park.

Local/Regional Projects & Events

  • In Grand View this July, approx. 20 area residents were present to be informed of assistance due to the recent storms.  The WI Dept. of Administration, Emergency Mgmt., Nat. Guard, Red Cross and Bayfield County Depts. were present, and I represented BCEDC.
  • I attended our Red Cliff Business Board meeting.  The new CEO, Don June reviewed the current business he is working on and we discussed other projects for the tribe to consider for the future.
  • Reps from Visions Northwest, WI-DNR, and the UP of Michigan, WEDC, AADC and NWWIB board met to explore regional wood product initiatives.   We discussed a potential forum next spring in conjunction with the Great Lakes Timber Products Association.
  • I attended our WIN-LS FAB-LAB presentation event held at WITC.    Two experts, Don Sidlowski who authored the FAB-LAB grants and Randy Hulke of UW-Stout.  The content was well received by attendees of school districts, with the hope of next steps that they will apply for the state Fab-Lab grants.

BCEDC Specific Projects

  • I attended and introduced our Business on Stage event this evening, with Jerry and Mark Phillips presenting the Old Rittenhouse story.  An inspiring program, with over 50 people in attendance.
  • I attended the annual meeting of the Northwest Wisconsin Business Development Corp, which is the loan approval board which I have been a director on for the past 4 years.  My term was finished after the 4 years, and being on this board was interesting through reviewing/ approving loans, and was worth the time/experience.
  • I met with Leo Carlson and Joe Kohegyi of Norvado.  We discussed broadband issues that I will share at the Broadband Communities Magazine conference on Oct. 19 which was helpful in my developing a powerpoint presentation for the event.  We did additional planning on scheduling a business video for marketing later this fall.
  • I met with Scott Woerle and Brett Fredericks of Absolut Manufacturing in Iron River.  We discussed partnering with Drummond High School to encourage more tech-ed curriculum, and they will connect with the DHS district administrator.

Q3 2016 Total Business Visits:  57

– Scottie Sandstrom, Executive Director