Bayfield County Micro-Enterprise business grants are still available.

Bayfield County CDBGCV Microenterprise Business Assistance Grant
Program Information

1.0 Introduction

Bayfield County has received a $250,000 CDBGCV award from the Wisconsin Department of
Administration to provide grants to eligible Microenterprise businesses in Bayfield County. The
funding targets eligible Microenterprise businesses with five (5) or less employees including owner(s)
of the business who meet Low to Moderate Income standards.

CDBGCV assistance, in the form of a grant, will be provided by Bayfield County to eligible Bayfield
County businesses to reimburse costs the Microenterprise business incurred resulting from the
COVID19 pandemic. Bayfield County’s CDBGCV funds cannot be used to duplicate reimbursements
Microenterprise businesses may have already received from other federal/state funds to pay for
COVID19 expenses.

Assistance provided by Bayfield County to eligible Microenterprise businesses will be a grant of up to
$10,000, this will depend on request and number of applicants.

2.0 Eligible Applicants
Assistance is available to Microenterprise businesses with a physical presence in Bayfield
County; and

Microenterprise businesses are those with five (5) or less employees including the owner(s)
of the business; and

The business owner must qualify under the LowtoModerate Income (LMI) threshold for
income based on household size; OR the employees must qualify under the Lowto Moderate
Income (LMI) of making a gross annual salary at the Microenterprise of $40,250 or less; and
at least 51% of the Microenterprise business owner(s) and employees are considered LMI;

Business must be able to document expenses incurred responding to the COVID19
pandemic, such as purchases of PPE, hand sanitizer, plexiglass, etc; loss of revenue due to
having to close store/reduce hours; unpaid rent or utilities; ecommerce
development/upgrades; or other COVID19 related expenditures.

Business must be currently in operation and have been established prior to February 28,

NOTE: Loss of revenue is a qualifier of the program; however, funds cannot be used to
replace actual loss of income to the business. If the business shows a Covid related loss of
income, eligible expenses moving forward such as mortgage, rent, utilities, business
insurance, supply inventory could be considered.

3.0 Award Process

Applications will be taken on a first comefirst served basis and will be reviewed to determine
eligibility. The award ceiling is up to $10,000; however, based on the number of applications and
financial need, awards could be less.

4.0 Required Documentation

Microenterprise businesses will be required to submit an application to determine eligibility, meet all
eligibility requirements during the time from eligibility notice to final payment of grant funds, and
submit proof of documentation for all requested funds as they are related to COVID19.