Wisconsin Cooperatives Feasibility Grant

Wisconsin Cooperative Feasibility Grant

The WCFG Program is designed to support the success of current and future cooperatives by allowing them to explore all facets of their business before large investments are made. Eligible projects include:
• Comprehensive feasibility study

• Partial feasibility study elements.

To Apply, email Kietra.Olson@WEDC.org with WI Coop Feasibility Grant in the subject line. An application and additional required forms will then be emailed to you.
The application will be emailed to you upon request and proof estimate from your desired consultant. In the event of an individual as applicant, a secure email will be provided to complete the form using the social security number. Be prepared to submit a W9 form along with your completed application.

A complete application will include all application materials, a W9 form from the person or entity applying, and a proposal from the desired consultant. Only complete applications will be considered.


•Be a group of individuals actively working towards legal cooperative status in Wisconsin, or an existing cooperative operating in Wisconsin. Established cooperatives may apply for grant funds to explore a new part of their existing cooperative or to pursue the development of a second-tier cooperative.

• Hold an active quote from the consultant with whom they wish to work for their full or partial feasibility study. The project quote must be submitted on business letterhead with the application. Consultants may not be a spouse or immediate family member of anyone involved in developing or the established cooperative.

• Provide evidence of an active steering committee or board. E.g., past meeting minutes or annual report.

• Steering committee or board member names and contact information (address, email, phone number).

• Individuals or businesses are eligible to apply on behalf of the potential cooperative